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Xilinx FPGA XC3S1000-4FT256 Spartan-3 Development Core Board


Eleckits Core Board XC3S1KCORE-Lite Xilinx FPGA uses XC3S1000-FT256 which belongs to Series Spartan-3 from Xilinx as the FPGA chip. The core board has onboard XCF04S based configuration download circuit, LED display circuit, button and switch circuits, and two RS-232 ports to make it easy to communicate to the host. By using this core board, you can not only learn digital logic circuits, basic knowledge of FPGA, the language and design skills of Verilog/VHDL, but also that know and master the Xilinux FPGA, ISE tool, and quickly develop your own product prototype. This core board can also be used in the final products.

The FPGA used on the core board is 90nm process Xilinx XC3S1000. It can be widely used in communications, military, power, control, consumer electronics and automotive electronics.   This chip is a VLSI programmable logic device based on SRAM process. It features an embedded XtremeDSP. It has rich sources which includes 1 million equivalent system gates,   432Kbit block SRAM and 24 multipliers (18*18)  and 175 differential I/Os. Spartan-3 devices support 24 type mainstream I/O standards which include PCI 32/33 and PCI 64/33 and other core functions of the parallel interfaces used in telecommunications and networking.





  • Model: Eleckits_XC3S1K_Core
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  • Manufactured by: Soliddigi

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