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OpenJTAG OpenOCD ARM JTAG USB V3 - Support 2440 6410 STM32


Product Description
OpenJTAG ARM JTAG USB is a USB to JTAG interface in a cool design. It comes with specific USB drivers and it is fully integrated in OpenOCD.


  • Based on the FTDI FT2232 (FT2232L) USB device.
  • USB2.0 high-speed JTAG interface
  • All ARM (ARM7, ARM9, Cortex-M0/M3, XSCALE) core supported
  • Software supported by OpenOCD (open source) debugger
  • Seamless integration into the Eclipse IDE development environment (winodws / Linux version)
  • Easy ARM9 board NOR / NAND Write tool
  • Wide target voltage range: 1.2V - 3.3V, 5V tolerant
  • 2 JTAG interfaces : 10-pin 2.0mm spacing, 20-pin 2.0mm spacing
  • USB to RS232 Serial Port Converter


  1. Tech Support Forum
  2. USB driver for OpenJTAG (WinXP, Win2000)
  3. USB driver for OpenJTAG (Windows7 32bit)
  4. USB driver for OpenJTAG (Windows7 64bit)
  5. OpenJTAG ARM JTAG USB + Eclipse + GCC for Arm Series (LPC2148, LPC2388, ARM9, Contex-M3) Manual
  6. Sample source code for OpenJTAG ARM JTAG USB + ARM series Manual


  1. OpenJTAG ARM JTAG USB Schematic
  2. FT2232 EEPROM File
  3. OpenOCD with GUI setup

Kit Includes:

  1. 1 x OpenJTAG ARM JTAG USB
  2. 1 x 20-Pin 2.54mm to 2mm Convert Cable
  3. 1 x 20-pin 2.00mm JTAG Interface Cable
  4. 1 x 10-pin 2.00mm JTAG Interface Cable
  5. 1 x USB Cable

  • Model: E_OPENJTAG
  • Shipping Weight: 210g
  • 100 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Zoyo Tech

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