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ElecKits :: Global electronic kits online store.

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ElecKits,Global electronic kits(UHF RFID STM32 WiFi Arduino ARM)online store
ElecKits was found in 2011 by a team which is powerful in electronics product developments. It locates in SuZhou, JiangSu, China. We also established a U.S. office in Colorado.
Now a days, the main products of ElecKits is open source modules(Arduino), UHF RFID reader(900MHz、2.4GHz), FPGA development board, ARM (Cortex M3,ARM9,ARM11,cortex-A8),Robotics,HMI and other parts of Internet of Things. We are searching the long term operation world widely.
If you have more questions or requirements, please reach We will give you the reply in 24 hours.
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Products and services:
1, open-source projects online sales:
(1) Arduino products (AVR ATmega328 ATmega128, STM32 ARM Arduino);
(2) Arduino adapter board, Arduino shield;
(3) electronic modules, such as MP3, FM, smart car;
2, FPGA products (Xilinx and Altera platform):
(1) verification of the FPGA for ASIC logic function of plate;
(2) for Verilog and VHDL language learning and the development of the FPGA development board;
3, ARM products:
(1) low-end ARM products (Cortex M3, ARM7): LPC2000 series, STM32 development board series;
(2) high-end ARM products (ARM9, ARM11, Cortex A8): Samsung S3C6410, S3C2440, Freescale iMX27, iMX28, iMX233, iMX515, iMX535.
4, long-range UHF RFID products:
(1) 868MHz and 915MHz frequency UHF RFID;
(2) 2.4GHz frequency UHF RFID;
(3) active and passive RFID tags;
5, product design and production and processing services;
(1) AVR, STM32, Freescale iMX27, iMX515 other platform product design and development;
(2) PCB Layout;
(3) PCB manufacturing;
(4) soldering SMD components;
We are very good at freescale iMX27 iMX28 iMX515 iMX535 such as product development and design. Our products include ARM9 (H.264 VPU) development board, industrial machines, video surveillance, a la carte machine, IP Camera, tablet PCs, interactive equipment,HMI and so on.
ElecKits,Global electronic kits(UHF RFID STM32 WiFi Arduino ARM)online store.
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