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  1. 1 Preface
  2. 2  Block diagram & PCB
    1. 2.1 Core Board
    2. 2.2 Mother board
  3. 3 CPU
  4. 4 MEMORY
    1. 4.1 MoblieDDR 256MB
    2. 4.2 Nand FLash 1GB
  5. 5 Display
    1. 5.1 LCD
    2. 5.2 AV out
    3. 5.3 AV in
    4. 5.4 digital camera input
  6. 6 Audio
  7. 7 NET
    1. 7.1 100M net
    2. 7.2 WiFi interface
  8. 8 Serial use
    1. 8.1 Debug serial - UART0
    2. 8.2 GPRS/GSM interface -UART1
    3. 8.3 GPS interface - UART2
    4. 8.4 RS485/RS232 interface -UART3
  9. 9 extend interface
    1. 9.1 CAN interface
    2. 9.2 USB HOST/OTG
    3. 9.3 SD card
    4. 9.4 Key
    5. 9.5 SPI,  IIC,  ADC, EINT
  10. 10 Boot Switch
    1. 10.1 Linux and android boot mode
    2. 10.2 Wince boot mode
  11. 11 Manual&Others

1 Preface 

This page contains major component information of Real6410.
If you buy Real6410, full schematics is supplied in DVD. 
We will provide the PCB file for mother board, and the protel format schematic for the mother board.  

2  Block diagram & PCB

2.1 Core Board

For more details about Core board, click to download the pdf file.

2.2 Mother board

For more details about Mother board, click to download the pdf file.


The S3C6410X is a 16/32-bit RISC microprocessor, which is designed to provide a cost-effective, low-power capabilities, high performance Application Processor solution for mobile phones and general applications. To provide optimized H/W performance for the 2.5G & 3G communication services, the S3C6410X adopts 64/32-bit internal bus architecture. The 64/32-bit internal bus architecture is composed of AXI, AHB and APB buses. It also includes many powerful hardware accelerators for tasks such as motion video processing, audio processing, 2D graphics, display manipulation and scaling. An integrated Multi Format Codec (MFC) supports encoding and decoding of MPEG4/H.263/H.264 and decoding of VC1. This H/W Encoder/Decoder supports real-time video conferencing and TV out for both NTSC and PAL mode. Graphic 3D (hereinafter 3D Engine) is a 3D Graphics Hardware Accelerator which can accelerate OpenGL ES 1.1 & 2.0 rendering. This 3D Engine includes two programmable shaders: one vertex shader and one pixel shader.
  •  The ARM1176JZF-S based CPU subsystem with Java acceleration engine and 16KB/16KB I/D Cache and 16KB/16KB I/D TCM.
  •  533MHz at 1.1V and 667MHz at 1.2 V respectively.
  •  8-bit ITU 601/656 Camera interface up to 4M pixel for scaled and 16M pixel for unscaled resolution.
  •  Multi Format Codec provides encoding and decoding of MPEG-4/H.263/H.264 up to 30fps@SD and decoding of VC1 video up to 30fps@SD.
  •  2D graphics acceleration with BitBlit and rotation.
  •  3D graphics acceleration with 4M triangles/s @133Mhz (Transform only)
  •  AC-97 audio codec interface and PCM serial audio interface.
  •  1/2/4bpp Palletized or 16bpp/24bpp Non-Palletized Color-TFT
  •  I2S and I2C interface support.
  •  Dedicated IrDA port for FIR, MIR and SIR.
  •  Flexibly configurable GPIOs.
  •  Port USB 2.0 OTG supporting high speed as Device (480Mbps, on-chip transceiver).
  •  Port USB 1.1 Host supporting full speed (12Mbps, on-chip transceiver).
  •  SD/MMC/SDIO/CE-ATA Host Controller
  •  Real time clock, PLL, timer with PWM and watch dog timer.
  •  32 channel DMA controller.
  •  Support 8x8 key matrix.
  •  Advanced power management for mobile applications.


4.1 MoblieDDR 256MB

Hynix mDDR memory chips provides 256MB RAM which opens up a wide range of production and development opportunities. Read and write accesses to the Low Power DDR SDRAM (Mobile DDR SDRAM) are burst oriented.

Each chip has 16-bit data-bus-width with 128MB. We mounted 2 chips to make 32bit data bus and total memory size is 256MB.

Full part number is H5MS1G62MFP. 

4.2 Nand FLash 1GB

Nand-Flash can be found in Real6410. Real6410 has totally different booting method. Real6410 can boot from Nand-FLash and SD card with excellent iROM feature of S5PC100.

Samsung Nand-Flash chips provides 1GB Flash size for the board, Full part number is K9G8G08.

5 Display

5.1 LCD

24 bit RGB LCD interface, support 4.3"LCD, 5.0"LCD and 7.0"LCD.
The LCD module can be linked to Real6410 by a adapter board, and we add the same size Touchscreen for the LCD module.

5.2 AV out

The board provide two interface, RCA and S interface, it can be link to the TV.

5.3 AV in

TVP5150 chips provide the signal conversion function, it transform the analog signal into YCBR or RGB signal, then sent it to the CPU. It have the stantard RCA interface, support PAL/NTSC signal input. 

The board have two camera input, one is the AV in, other is the digital camera inpu.
The 8th bit of the Switch DIPs control the signal input to CPU.
Set the 8th bit as "ON", the analog signal input it enable.
Set the 8th bit as "OFF", the digital signal input it enable.


5.4 digital camera input

The digital camera input support the "OV9650" and "OV3640" digital camera module.
The OV9650 was 130W pixel, and the OV3640 was 300W pixel.


6 Audio

The WM9713 is a highly integrated low power hi-fi CODEC from Wolfson. A powerful 1W speaker driver can operate in class D or AB modes. Stereo 24-bit sigma-delta ADCs and DACs provide hi-fi quality audio record and playback, with a flexible digital audio interface.


7.1 100M net

DM9000 is the 100Mb/s net chips, we use it in our board.


7.2 WiFi interface

The board leave the WiFi interface with SDIO bus, it support the GM320 module provide by AzureWave company.IEEE 802.11i for advanced security was support for the module. 
The WiFi module is the option module, If you need it, you should add it to the card when you buy the board.


8 Serial use

Use DB9 debug serial GPRS(SIM300) GPS extern interface
volt status RS232 TTL TTL RS232
use debug GPRS link GPS link user define
other function NC NC extern interface RS485

8.1 Debug serial - UART0

The board provide the DB9 interface for the UART0, link it to the PC, then you can debug the board by serial.

8.2 GPRS/GSM interface -UART1

The board leave the GPRS interface with UART1, it support the SIM300 module provide by Excelpoint System company. 
The GPRS module is the option module, If you need it, you should add it to the card when you buy the board.

           SIM300 hardware AN_V1.06.pdf    

8.3 GPS interface - UART2

The board leave the GPS interface with UART2, it support the EB818 module. 
The GPS module is the option module, If you need it, you should add it to the card when you buy the board.


8.4 RS485/RS232 interface -UART3

The UART3 can be used RS232 or RS485 interface, you can choose one to use with the UART3, default the UART3 is the RS232, If you want to use RS485, replace the resistance R59 and R61 with 0R resistance.

9 extend interface

9.1 CAN interface

MCP2515 provide the CAN control function by SPI interface from CPU. the rate can up to 1Mbps.



The board have one USB host 1.1 interface and one USB OTG 2.0 interface. It linked from the CPU directly.

9.3 SD card

It is the stantard SD card slot, it support 8Gbyte SD card.

9.4 Key

10 phone button and 8 x 8 Matrix Key interface


These interface was linked from CPU directly.

10 Boot Switch

There is a Switch in the board, you can set the board boot from nand flash or SD card with the switch.

10.1 Linux and android boot mode

boot mode / Pin 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Nand flash boot mode OFF OFF OFF OFF OFF ON ON OFF

10.2 Wince boot mode

boot mode / Pin 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Nand flash boot mode OFF ON OFF OFF OFF OFF OFF OFF

11 Manual&Others

If you request additional information, Download the Real6410 hardware user manual.

          Real6410 Hardware Development manual .pdf